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Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year 2007

Contributed by mm | February 12, 2008 3:16 AM PST

morningstarlogo.jpgEarlier this month, Morningstar announced the winners of Fund Manager of the Year award for the past year. Here are the winners:

Domestic-Stock Manager of the Year: Will Danoff, Fidelity Contrafund and Fidelity Advisor New Insights

International-Stock Managers of the Year: Hakan Castegren and Northern Cross Team, Harbor International

Fixed-Income Manager of the Year: Bill Gross, PIMCO Total Return and Harbor Bond

Coincidentally or not, I actually own the two stock funds, Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) and Harbor International (HIINX), that helped their respective managers make to the list. I used to own PIMCO Total Return (PTRRX) in my 401(k) account too, but now I have better place to park my fixed income position -- that is, China-based money market funds that will benefit from the continued appreciating Yuan while earning handsome interest.

This actually reminds me that conscious mutual fund picking is as important as stock picking. (And of course, Morningstar is the #1 resource for mutual fund investors.)

Also below are the winners of this prestigious award in the mutual fund industry in prior years just for reference:


Domestic Stock: O. Mason Hawkins and Staley Cates, Longleaf Partners Fund and Longleaf Partners Small Cap
International Stock: David Herro, Oakmark International and Oakmark International Small Cap
Fixed Income: Jeffrey Gundlach, TCW Total Return Bond


Domestic Stock: Chris Davis and Ken Feinberg, Selected American S
International Stock: Rob Lyon, Matt Pickering and Jerrold Senser, ICAP International
Fixed Income: Tad Rivelle, David Lippman, Laird Landmann and Stephan Kane, Metropolitan West Total Return Bond


Domestic Stock: Brian Berghuis, T. Rowe Price Mid-Cap Growth
International Stock: Bryan C. Cameron, Mario C. DiPrisco, Jacob M. Gofman, John A. Gunn, Gregory R. Serrurier, Diana S. Strandberg, and Kouji Yamada, Dodge & Cox International Stock
Fixed Income: Ken Leech and team, Western Asset Core Bond


Domestic Stock: Howard Schow, Theo Kolokotrones, Joel Fried, Vanguard Primecap and Vanguard Capital Opportunity
International Stock: Bill Fries, Thornburg International Value
Fixed Income: Fidelity`s Municipal Bond Fund Team, Fidelity Spartan Municipal Income


Domestic Stock: Joel Tillinghast, Fidelity Low-Priced Stock
International Stock: Rudolph-Riad Younes and Richard Pell, Julius Baer International Equity
Fixed Income: Management Team, Dodge andamp; Cox Income


Domestic Stock: William C. Nygren, Oakmark Select
International Stock: Jean-Marie Eveillard and Charles de Vaulx, First Eagle SoGen Global
Fixed Income: Robert L. Rodriguez, FPA New Income


Domestic Stock: Jim Gipson, Doug Grey, Peter Quinn, Michael Sandler, and Bruce Veaco, Clipper Fund
International Stock: Christopher Browne, William Browne and John Spears, Tweedy Browne Global Value Fund
Fixed Income: Bill Gross, PIMCO Total Return


Domestic Stock: Jim Callinan, RS Emerging Growth
International Stock: Europacific Growth Team (Stephen Bepler, Martial Chaillet, Mark Denning, Alwyn Heong, Robert Lovelace, Janet McKinley and Thierry Vandeventer)
Fixed Income: Jerry Paul, Invesco High-Yield


Domestic Stock: Bill Miller, Legg Mason Value Trust and Legg Mason Special Investment Trust
International Stock: Mark Yockey, Artisan International Fund
Fixed Income: Bill Gross and team, PIMCO Total Return, PIMCO Low Duration


Domestic Stock: Mario Gabelli, Gabelli Asset Fund
International Stock: Helen Young Hayes, Janus Overseas and Janus Worldwide
Fixed Income: David Beldt, Morgan Grenfell Fixed-Income and Morgan Grenfell Municipal Bond


Domestic Stock: Shelby Davis, Davis New York Venture and Selected American Shares
Closed-End: Nick Adams, First Financial
International Stock: Hakan Castegren, Harbor International and Ivy International
Fixed Income: Joe Deane, Smith Barney Managed Municipals and Smith Barney California Municipals


Domestic Stock: Jack Laporte, T. Rowe Price New Horizons
International Stock: Jack Mussey, Colonial Newport Tiger
Fixed Income: Dan Fuss, Loomis Sales Bond


Bob Rodriguez, FPA Capital and FPA New Income


Jeff Vinik, Fidelity Magellan


Bill Dutton, Skyline Special Equities


Donald Yacktman, Selected American Shares


Martin Whitman, Equity Strategies


Tom Marsico, Janus Twenty


Peter Lynch, Fidelity Magellan


Jerry Palmieri, Franklin Growth

* Editor's Note: In 1995, Morningstar began distributing awards among three broad asset classes--domestic stock, international stock and fixed income. In 1996, however, Morningstar also presented an award in the closed-end fund category.

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This Post Has Received 40 Comments. Share Your Opinions Too.

jj Commented on March 7, 2008

Why haven't you posted February's net worth statement? Your portfolio is obviously down, its not really a big deal.

CM Commented on March 12, 2008

Yeah....Hurry up with the updates...would ya? Hope everything is OK!

FL Commented on March 17, 2008

Obviously he's panicking. Updates are too painful to update? His portfolio is heavily weighted towards financials and we all know how the financial sector is doing. The Fed is being too reactionary and the market doesn't seem to care how much money they pump into the markets or how low the interest rates are being slashed. There is no relief in foreign markets such as Asia in fact all returns are down except for commodities which will soon be another bubble. I believe, PF has never really experienced a downturn like this since he started his investing blog and it would be very interesting to see how he adjusts to changing market conditions.

FL Commented on March 17, 2008

Don't worry PF, like you I am a long term investor and we are all in it for the long haul...

John Galt Commented on March 17, 2008

Probably a combination of busy traveling & pain in looking at the carnage. On the other hand, perhaps Mrs. PF didn't like the financials-heavy investment course they're on, and took over. It would be nice to see February's results before it's time for March's.

John Galt Commented on March 17, 2008

FL - I agree with much of what you wrote, but how close do think we are to a bubble in commodities? or do you think current prices are already bubblish?

Dagney Taggart Commented on March 18, 2008

I am anxious to see the results as well. I'm sure he is not being shortsighted enough to be worried about the performance of one month. Who is John Galt anyway?

J.C. Commented on March 18, 2008

Yeah, what's the deal MM? Do you get more traffic with everyone coming back to see if you've posted the carnage yet?

pj Commented on March 19, 2008

Maybe yesterday's jump will encourage MM to post his results...

online casino Commented on March 19, 2008

no surprise on the overseas northern cross winner, he is a great manager

Casey Commented on March 20, 2008

C'mon! Give it up! We are all in the same boat. Pain loves company. Post your February stats! Don't be chicken. There is no shame in this market.

dan Commented on March 20, 2008

I ran the numbers for just the stocks in MM's portfoilio back on Tuesday (after the run up). He was down from $293k to $260k. Roughly 33k or 12% (between Jan's posting and March). I tried to post this ones before but it failed or got deleted.

CM Commented on March 20, 2008


Harm Commented on March 21, 2008

Hey, I was in the market on Oct.19, 1987,
the early 90s, and the early 2000s. these are the times
that make big gains POSSIBLE. keep investing.
No guarantees, of course, but I'm staying in
the market with approximately my long term
average of 65% of my assets.

adfgaf Commented on March 21, 2008

MM, what are your thoughts and opinions about Visa?

fl Commented on March 23, 2008

To PF and Dan,
Here's a sobering thought: Correct me if I'm wrong but over the last several months you lost the equivalent of your earlier house appreciation gain when you sold your house in October of 2005...

pj Commented on March 26, 2008

mm, you only have 5 days left!

wowser Commented on March 27, 2008

Methinks this site is dead.

fl Commented on March 27, 2008

1 - I guess no more sideline business
2 - So much for talking up your need for multiple income streams
3- Its not right that you only updated your site when your investments were doing well

hyip Commented on March 27, 2008

Will Danoff nice manager and he win this race.

asdfad Commented on March 28, 2008

I think he would have a much more successful blog if he would discuss the good tiems as well as the bad times

J.C. Commented on March 28, 2008

Too bad if this is the end of this blog. It was the first personal finance blog I ever read, and it inspired me to start my own to track my finances.

adsddd Commented on March 30, 2008

JC, well, since this one is dead, where can we find your blog?

hockey Commented on March 31, 2008

I sincerely hope nothing imaginable has happened to prevent him from posting. It may be unfair to assume he is failing to post because of the crash of the financials. If this is the end of the blog for whatever reason, and if he is doing well but simply unable to find the time to do this anymore, a note as such to those of us who have read this blog for many months and years would be very much appreciated.

jmt Commented on April 1, 2008

did I miss something here? I really like MM's blog and have been following it for some time. but even if he didn't touch his portfolio through all this turmoil he still posted a 1% gain on his portfolio from the last portfolio update? In this market you could be a lot worse. it might just be too early in the morning for me here, but I think MM is just probably busy.

AC Commented on April 1, 2008

jmt, where did you get your up 1 percent from? All his financial stocks are down at least 10 percent, even with the recent gains in financials. And his stock options have falling by around 50,000 worth, it looks like.

JD Commented on April 2, 2008

I'm confused by this as well, I know he could be busy but after years of running this blog it is odd for him to just stop posting for almost 2 months now. That means he has probably abandoned the blog. His portfolio is down of course but the financials have been running up the last few days and he should have made a lot back. I don't think his portfolio is considerably lower than it was during his last update. Probably around $50k lower or so.

I never read this blog for MM's investment posts. I never felt he was well versed in investments and especially when he was buying Citi at $40 thinking it was such a steal, whereas anyone who could read a balance sheet knew Citi was worth much less. But the blog was good for some of the other things.

fl Commented on April 2, 2008

I agree with JD that he wasn't well-versed in investing...I would say that he is a typical "uneducated" investor who reads all the general financial magazines (kiplingers, smart money, etc etc)and follows other people's recommendations (i.e. Morningstar ratings for mutual funds)for advice when he should be doing his own due diligence and studying balance sheets, etc. This is evident when you see him purchasing White Mountains Insurance Group because Warren Buffet thought it was good. (Warren Buffet has since sold his shares) Another example would be PF continuing to hold as many shares of DODFX after its huge run-up instead of reducing his exposure to more evenly balance out his risk exposure. And finally, it was disappointing to see him follow the herd mentality by purchasing USAGX just because commodities were doing well. This site was nevertheless entertaining and that is what financial blogs should be used for anyway. One should not expect to glean any real financial acumen from these sites.

Ken Commented on April 2, 2008

To go from such an active blog to nothing...well I hope the worst did not happen here. Somehow I think if that is the case that he had a good plan for his family. After reading his numbers and plan, and then read the last post calling him an "uneducated" investor - well I think you are off the mark.

Ken Commented on April 2, 2008

To go from such an active blog to nothing...well I hope the worst did not happen here. Somehow I think if that is the case that he had a good plan for his family. After reading his numbers and plan, and then to read the last post calling him an "uneducated" investor - well I think you are off the mark.

Casey Commented on April 3, 2008

The saddest thing if this is the end of PFBlog is that after these years of impressive growth, we will not witness him achieving his goal.

If you are still alive, give me the keys to this blog, I'll take over. I currently have about $500k net worth and will get to $1 million. A recession in the U.S. will not stop me... or put the brakes on my blog!!!

Joe Commented on April 3, 2008

is this working?????????

Joe Commented on April 3, 2008

I'm thinking the guy got divorced. So now his net worth is not only half, but he has to pay for child support fees from now on.

Too bad.

pj Commented on April 4, 2008

MM, let's make a deal: If the comment count for this post reaches 100, you start blogging again.

robert Commented on April 4, 2008

Hey Casey, Post the url to your blog!

dan Commented on April 4, 2008

Has anyone just tried e-mailing MM? Being down 10-15% over the last two months is typical for most people in this market--even those diversified. Like the housing market losing 10%. I live in NorthWest and no one wants to admit Portland, OR has dropped 10% but there is evidence of it in lowering prices. It is there. I suspect MM is really busy with the tax season upon us. He did say he travels a lot and is in the financial side of Microsofts Asian operations.

J.C. Commented on April 4, 2008

I always wonder how Microsoft would feel about their employee disclosing so much information about himself and his compensation here.

From his blog, assuming the information is true and accurate, you can read about MM's compensation in salary and stock options. Most corporations want to keep this information secret, but MM can't really stay anonymous with the amount of information he gives here about himself. How many Chinese financial analysts that started an expatriate assignment in China at a certain time does MS have? I imagine exactly 1, so any colleagues that stumble upon this blog would know exactly who he is.

Maybe MS has told him he'd better quit disclosing so much info?

Casey Commented on April 4, 2008

Well... I don't have a blog... yet. I was suggesting that MM give me the login information for THIS blog and I will take it over. I like the way MM set this thing up and am too lazy to set one up from scratch myself!

The only catch is that I get at least a portion of the ad revenue from this "side business." Only fair if I contribute content right?

Maybe MM went to Tibet as a freedom fighter?

york Commented on April 6, 2008

Now entering the second month with no update. It's unfortunite, I really used to like this blog.

Yosake Commented on April 6, 2008

Use MM's stupidity to your advantage. Embrace index funds!

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