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Personal finance observation, musing and decisions in a journey toward financial independence by 2020 with at least $3 million.

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Monthly Review - December 2006 ($631,251, +$26,716)

Contributed by mm | January 2, 2007 7:29 PM PST

December is another strong month in which we benefitted, again, from robust portfolio performance, stable job income and business income. With $26,716 increase in our balance sheet, December marked the seventh consecutive month of five-figure monthly net worth growth.

We are really glad 2006 is finally behind us! For the full year, we increased our net worth by over $230k or 57.6%. This spectacular performance is beyond our wildest guess when we set our financial plan earlier this year. We hope 2007 will be as good.




Portfolio: Our $700,000-strong portfolio returned almost 2% for the month. Our heavy exposure to international equity market, and our core positions in ConocoPhilllips and Citigroup continued to shine.

• A took a week-long do-nothing break during the Christmas week. This helped me to think about what I will do once I have financial independence. Unfortunately but not surprisingly, I found I have no idea how I can consumer my time meaningfully once I get my 8-hour-a-day in the job back. This is of course not a personal finance topic, but I might need to figure it out in the next couple of years.


• I will be more methodological in managing our growing portfolio in 2007. I'm considering setting up monthly cycle to review my portfolio regularly and consistently.

• We have a couple of family vacations lined up. We will have a short trip to Hong Kong so my 5-year old will meet his cartoon friends in the Disneyland. We are also planning a trip to Bali, Indonesia in late February. Should be fun!

This Post Has Received 149 Comments. Share Your Opinions Too.

Jim Commented on January 3, 2007

MM, I noticed that your 401k/IRA advanced 24.4%. Did you add any money to your 401k/IRA during 2006 or was the 24.4% increase due solely to investment gains?

MM Commented on January 3, 2007

Sharp eye! I made a $3,000 contribution in November to my Self Employed 401(k) account with Fidelity. Everything else is investment gain.

John Commented on January 5, 2007

You have a "Self Employed 401(k) account with Fidelity" and stock options?

Kevin Commented on January 6, 2007

MM, would you be willing to shed light on which funds you chose for your 401k. You did great in picking the right stocks for your individual investments, i'm wondering how well you're fairing for the 401k mutual funds.How often do you alter your 401k distribution? and out of curiousity, What % of your income do you contribute to your 401k program. Great job on the blog, keep it up.

makingourway Commented on January 16, 2007

Good luck iwth the investing. This is very motivating for other investors and savers.

Do you think you could separate out the savings from investment returns?

It would be more helpful to understand what's happening.

Also, in your pledge to be more systematic - do you think you'll move toward a formal asset allocation plan or remain an active value investor?


Cooban Lafgold Commented on January 26, 2007

I should start investing. Very insightful blog! I'm just not sure where to start.

Chris Commented on January 28, 2007

Where exactly have you parked your cash and savings to return over 18%?


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