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Monthly Update - July 2010 ($985,987, +$24,773)

Contributed by mm | August 2, 2010 11:55 PM PST

6398-networth.jpga nice rebound of $25k in July and ended the month at $986k.

The July rebound is certainly nice, but with 58% of our portfolio parked in various money market accounts, we will be happier if the market will make a (big) correction so we can commit more capital to equity. Before that happens, we are comfortable staying in a defensive position today -- yes, we missed the nice 10% climb in the last few weeks, but our portfolio is also spared from the fast drop in May and June.


Additional housekeeping notes:

- Back in January, we sold 20 contracts of MSFT options in an attempt to capitalize the value of our soon-to-expire stock options. The bet has paid off (thanks to the declining market) and we have closed the position with a net profit of over 80% (over $8,000).

- We are continuing our automatic purchase plan for the Vanguard energy fund and a number of fixed income funds.

- We are expecting a sizable bonus and vested stock award in the coming months, so it is quite likely we will climb above the million dollar watermark again before soon.

- We also booked our Christmas trip to Guam and pre-paid the airfare at a rock-bottom rate this month, hence the high outstanding balance on credit card.

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Jan Commented on September 13, 2010

Are you out there? Missing a September update.

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