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Monthly Update - March 2011 ($1,149,008, +$2,362)

Contributed by mm | April 9, 2011 4:51 PM PST

6398-networth.jpgIn a month that is filled with natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts, our net worth survived the month relatively unscathed. In fact, our savings from job income and minimal portfolio gain more than offset the $6K drop in our employee stock option account, and helped us to end the month with a tiny net worth gain 0.2% gain or $2,362.

For the full quarter, we expanded our net worth by 2.4% or over $26K, which represents 18% of our annual net worth growth goal of $148K. We also shifted about 10% of our portfolio from cash and equivalents to investment accounts. As of March 31, we have slightly over 60% of our money fully investment in a number of asset classes.

Financial Matters for the Month

- We invested $16K in 50 shares of Apple Inc. in the month.
- We paid for the vacation in April to Seattle and Chicago.
- We filed extension to extend our tax filing due date to October.

What's Ahead

- Waiting to see the Windy City :-)

Balance Sheet


Notes: Asset Classification in Balance Sheet

- Domestic Equity: Including stocks traded in the US stock market (BRK.B, JNJ and AAPL) and mutual funds and ETFs with a focus of domestic equity (SDY, DODGX and FCNTX)
- Foreign Equity: Including various mutual funds targeting foreign equity (DODFX, JAOSX and PRMSX) and a handful of mutual funds in the China stock market.
- Fixed Income: Mutual funds and ETFs on fixed income vehicles. Most of our fixed income holdings are floating rate bonds funds (FFRHX and PPR) and mortgage REIT (NLY). LSBRX and LSGLX provide coverage for regular fixed income issues.
- Real Assets: A variety of funds of different underlying assets, including commodities (VGENX, PRNEX and DJP), gold/mining (USAGX), MLP (AMJ) and TIPS (VIPSX).
- Other Investments: Including some hedging positions.

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Budgeting Tips Commented on December 19, 2011

This is good to see such report which is much higher than the previous one. Actually in earlier days it became very difficult to get a good Balance Sheet of our asset.

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