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Monthly Update - July 2014 ($1,741,310, +$19,798)

Contributed by mm | August 18, 2014 3:02 PM PST

With another $19K increase, July is the four consecutive month we enjoyed five-digit monthly net worth improvement. At $1,741K, our net worth rose a handsome $216K in the last 12 months, a good 14.2% gain.

Our household balance sheet, along with monthly, year-to-date, and trailing 12 months comparison, are shown below:


While the final tally is pretty, there are still quite some headwinds. For one, the medical bills for my wife's surgery came in droves and added to over $4,000. We managed to stay above the water by saving a paltry $755.

Our USD-denominated investment portfolio also retreated by $6,000, reflecting a slightly declining market. To offset, though, our portfolio in China performed extremely well, gaining over $12,000 in benign market conditions.

On the foreign exchange end, we continue to recover the early-year loss. The CNY/USD foreign exchange rate, now at 6.17, declined 0.5% in the month and benefited our USD-based net worth tally by $4,500.

Finally, my parents and in-laws visited and stayed with us in July. They were also graciously enough to leave us with a sizable monetary gift. How kind are they!

Our family celebrated the summer by taking a 10-day, 2,500 mile road trip to Canadian Rockies. A lot of fun indeed!

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KS Commented on August 19, 2014

Hi mm,
Great progress. How are you projecting the value of your 1M$ home into the future? With prices high and interest rates low I am not very optimistic about the 15-20 year outlook for expensive homes in the Seattle area.

Jay Commented on August 22, 2014

Hi mm

Can you say little bit about the types of investments you have currently?


MM Commented on September 7, 2014

Hi KS,

I'm not counting on much gain for the house as well. I think my house was slightly underpriced when I bought it in January 2013 but I feel the market is fairly priced now. I have been a follower of the Seattle Bubble blog and found it offers very good fact-based insight on the overall housing market in Greater Seattle.

I'll be happy enough if our home appreciation is in line with inflation. With our mortgage rate at 1.875% it can still be a good investment.

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