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Monthly Update - June 2010 ($961,214, -$4,421)

Contributed by mm | July 9, 2010 4:21 PM PST

6398-networth.jpgOur net worth retreated $4,421, or 0.5% in the month of June. In particular, our employee stock option account extended its distressed journey -- it has lost 75% of its value since the beginning of the year. Conversely, our investment overall fared well, led by a 13% surge in Berkshire Hathaway stock price and fixed income fund gains.

With 2010 half way through, our wealth tally ended the first half a tad below where it started. And after briefly claiming millionaire club membership for a couple of months, we have been back to the $900s for three months now.

It could have been much worse -- the overall market lost about 10% in the last six months, yet we still preserved most of our capital. Chances are, if more investment opportunities present themselves, we are in a very cash-rich position to take advantage of that.



• We currently have automatic purchase orders enabled for these funds:
• VGENX (energy stock) - $1,000/week
• VIPSX (inflation-protected bonds) = $1,000/week
• LSBRX (multi-sector bonds) - $1,000/week
• Various China equity funds - $700/week

China lifted its unofficial peg on USD in June and so far Chinese Yuan (CNY) has appreciated about 1%. We expect about 5% further appreciation in the next 12 months. We have about 29% of our assets nominated in CNY and it will likely increase over time, but we don't expect to dramatically shift money from USD to CNY.

• We are actively looking at ways to deploy our cash. We still have a mild bearish view of the equity market. Some ideas we are exploring:
AMJ (higher yields from Master Limited Partnership but with interest rate risk and credit risk with ECN structure),
Way-out-of-money put on TLT (insurance against bond market flop),
CYB (hedge against CNY appreciation).

• We are expecting a big payday in August and September when our annual bonus will be distributed and a lot of stock awards will be vested. For whatever it is worth, hopefully we can reclaim our millionaire status by the end of Q3.

• The family just finished a two-week vacation in Northeast and Florida. Highlights of the journey include Niagara Falls, Harvard University and Epcot.

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Carol Commented on July 11, 2010

Congrats on hitting your 7 figure milestone much early than you thought. Now I guess it's all about more leverage.

dj Commented on July 17, 2010

what do you use for fixed income funds in the US? I notice you have a $12k appreciation in 1 month

Marian Commented on July 21, 2010

• VGENX - bad choice. No peak oil issue in sight
• VIPSX - very bad choice. The only thing in sight: deflation.

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