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Monthly Update - April 2010 ($1,011,016, +$6,626)

Contributed by mm | May 9, 2010 11:03 PM PST

6398-networth.jpgThank you for all the nice words in response to my last post. Life is as usual even though our net worth is in 7 digits, but certainly the sense of achievement tastes good.

As this uneventful month unfolds, our investment grew a bit and my employee stock option rose impressively thanks to a good quarterly earning release. On the other side, we chose to take advantage of a 5% discount by prepaying my son's private school tuition of $12,000 for the next year. All in all, we are still happy to report a net worth growth of 0.7%, or $6,626.


As a few of you have pointed out, we execute a very conservative asset allocation plan with only a third of our assets in investments with market exposure. Here is a quick run down:

1. Cash & Savings: In online savings accounts and laddered CDs, yielding anywhere between 1% to 2%.
2. Stocks in USD: Our only stock holding is 600 shares of Berkshire Hathaway Class B.
3. Equity Funds in USD: A handful of domestic and international equity funds from Dodge & Cox, Artisan, Vanguard, Oakmark, T. Rowe Price and alike. (Fund list: ARTIX, DODFX, DODGX, JAOSX, OAKMX, PRMSX, PRNEX, TAVFX, USAGX and VGENX.)
4. Fixed Income Funds in USD: A few fixed income funds with an emphasis on TIPS. I have an outstanding order to buy $1,000 of VIPSX every week. (Fund list: VIPSX, PTTRX, DODIX and RYJUX.)
5. Mutual Funds in CNY: A few equity funds investing in the China market. I have automatic investment plan of $350 per week.
6. Other Investments: Currently, it only includes a PUT option I sold to hedge my employee stock options holdings.

Compared to where we were at the turn of the year, we cut about a third of our USD equity fund holdings over the course of Q1. Obviously we missed out a lot of the bull market since last March, but we have better sleeps at night now. Still, given the right market opportunity, we might need to find good ways to deploy our growing cash pile.

This Post Has Received 35 Comments. Share Your Opinions Too.

Stephan Commented on May 10, 2010

wow, i dont think ive ever seen a spreadsheet with that much cash assets. is there a reason besides fear of loss that is limiting your exposure to the market to 30%?

Debt Slave Commented on May 14, 2010

Looking at your spreadsheet is a kind of porn for me. I will never look that good on paper (although poverty has had the upshot of getting me looking good in the real world -- all that bike riding and less opportunity to snack).

Must be nice. Ever since my career hit the skids, I have no chance of ever even having a positive net worth. It's nice to know someone is prospering in this turdbowl of an economy.

Investment Support Commented on June 20, 2010

As this uneventful month unfolds, our investment grew a bit and my employee stock option rose impressively thanks to a good quarterly earning release. Looking at your spreadsheet is a kind of porn for me. I will never look that good on paper (although poverty has had the upshot of getting me looking good in the real world. Must be nice. Ever since my career hit the skids, I have no chance of ever even having a positive net worth. It's nice to know someone is prospering in this turdbowl of an economy.


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