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The Best of (2003-2005)

Contributed by mm | August 9, 2004 10:18 PM PST

Welcome to PFBlog! Get the most of PFBlog from this quick list of recommended posts on all topics.

(Last updated on March 3, 2005.)


Is $1,000,000 Enough?
new! Year 2005 Financial Objectives
Year 2004 Financial Objectives
new! Results of Year 2004 Financial Objectives
Year 2003 Financial Objectives
Results of Year 2003 Financial Objectives
Conservative Net Worth Accounting
new! Financial Plan 2005 (Series)
new! A Year's Worth Of Expenses
new! 2004 Savings Scorecard


Philosopher's Stone
A Penny Saved is More Than A Penny Earned
The Cost of Not Saving for Retirement
The Cost of Being Frugal
The Real Cost of 401(k) Loan
How the 401(k) System Fails Most People
new! Should We Trust Roth IRA?


Valuing Wall Street
SmartMoney Stock Screens
5 Investing Lessons from Warren Buffett
Your Dividend Income May Not Enjoy The Tax Break


$1,000 A Year Just By Picking The Right Card
Cashback vs Reward
FICO Score Estimator
Fidelity MasterCard® Credit Cards Credit Monitoring Service
Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card (CFI)
HGW4 = 10% Off All Restaurant Bills (CFI)
Another 0.25% Rate Increase and How It Will Affect You
With PremierPass, Citi Is Running Its Own Mileage Program
Free Credit Reports Are Coming Gradually
TrueEarnings: The Better Amex/CostCo Card
Doubling Up Credit Card Rewards
Getting United MileagePlus Visa Signature Card (13 Cards and Counting)
new! How High Can Credit Card Interest Rate Be?
new! 5% Off Everything With Citi's Driver's Edge
new! Your Free Credit Report, The Experian Way
new! Free Credit Report: The TransUnion Flavor
new! Fresh Taste of Truly Free Credit Report (Equifax)


Complete Financial Model of House Buying vs Renting
The 6% Solution
ROI of Prepaying January Mortgage Bill
A Home's Real Tax Savings
Beware the Hidden Costs of Refinancing
$30,000 HELOC Closed
Refinancing Closed, Part I: Closing Details
Refinancing Closed, Part II: A Sweet Deal
Finances in My Home Buying
new! Home, The Mother Of All Tax Shelters
new! 6 Mortgage Myths That Can Cost You Money
new! Why a Real Estate Agent May Skip the Extra Mile
new! 10 Resolutions for Homeowners


True Cost to Own A Car
The Cheapest Cars to Own (and Fix)
new! Best and Worst States for Auto Insurance Premiums
new! 8 Top Auto Maintenance Myths


new! Saving for College (Series)


MSFT Changes ESPP Terms
Microsoft Changes ESPP Terms, Analysis Part II
Update on Microsoft Stock Option Transfer Program (SOTP)
Why Will I Sell Microsoft Stock Award Shares?


Are You Subsidizing Tax Breaks For The Rich?
Preparing for Tax Year 2005
IRS Publication 15 and Income Tax Withholding
Do You Live in a Tax-Friendly State?
A $206 Mistake (And My Tax Filing for 2003)
new! Taxes and Consequences: The Second Term Begins
new! Fear Of Tax Audit? File An Extension
new! What's Your Marginal Tax Rate?
new! More Free Tax Filing Options This Year
new! Sales Tax Deduction Details Released
new! Should I Save Receipts Next Year?


Vonage: Much Improved VOIP Technology (And Referral Deal)
Switching to Virgin Mobile
First Impression of Microsoft Money 2005 Best-Value Online Photo Printing
State Farm Bank® Market Rate Certificate of Deposit
CapitalOne No Regrets Certificate of Deposit
Bill Me Later®
The Ultimate Account Aggregator

Benefit from Promotions
Dirt Cheap Magazine Subscriptions
Why Debit Card? Why Cash?
new! How to Save $150,000 (And Still Have a Life)
new! One Nice Phone Call, And $240 Better Off


new! PFBlog Product Reviews
Markup by Retailers
The Lottery-Ticket Retirement Plan
6 Types of Millionaires
Child Care Tax Credit or Flexible Spending Account?
Mesothelioma Is The Souce of Big Money Making
If You Miss Shipping Charges, You Miss Big
How to Beat the $100,000 FDIC Limit?
Withdraw Early If You Dare
Phishing Is Becoming Epidemic
new! Benefits 2005 (Series)
new! Online DVD Rental: Netflix vs Blockbuster
new! Amazon Prime: All-You-Can-Eat Express Shipping
new! TiVo: Cannot Be More Satisfied

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Bruce Commented on August 10, 2004

Good job with the "best of". I've been reading for a couple months now, and have stumbled across a number of good ideas here. Keep up the good work!

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