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Let's Talk About Ads

Contributed by mm | January 7, 2005 1:39 PM PST

If you compare PFBlog to what it looked like back in 2003, you might notice today's PFBlog has more advertisements.

Yes, it is a fact that I introduced many ads lately, and I feel I need to be truthful to you about how I think of ads. So I compiled this quick Q&A to answer some of the questions you might have.

Why Do I Need To See Ads?

PFBlog is a free service to the readers as it will continue to be. However, in order to maintain this web site, I am incurring cost like hosting, domain and traffic charge every day, not to mention my time and energy to create more meaningful content. I feel it's reasonable to suggest that I should find some ways to offset these expenses by monetizing the value of my content.

But So Many Ads?

You might feel PFBlog has somewhat more ad space than a normal blog site. This might be true, but I am trying to introduce ads on a non-intrusive basis. This means you will never see pop-ups and pop-unders here. For text and banner ads, you can either read it or skip to the next line. It is nothing more than those "commerical breaks" when you watch your favorite show; the only difference is you can choose to bypass it.

How Can You Uphold Your Credibility When You Have Ads?

This is a legitimate question and here is my stand: First, all my text ads are called out as "sponsor", or in the case of Google Adsense ads, as "Ads by Goooooogle". For banner ads, I presume people who surf the Net long enough knows more often than not, banners are advertisements.

Second, in the case of Google text ads, Google will match ads based on the context of my ads, and I don't even know what kind of ads will show up in each page. In other words, no conflict of interest will exist.

Third, even if I happen to discuss some products that also advertises at PFBlog, I am always accompanying product specifics with my first-hand experience. In the case of potential conflict of interest, I always choose to disclose my potential financial gains.

How Should I Use These Ads For My Gain?

If you read PFBlog, you might realize I always keep an open mind to new products and am very curious to find out the ins and outs. Sometimes I dig out a gem; other times I avoid scams. I encourage you to keep an open mind too. Most of the ads are from legitimate businesses with helpful products. Some of them might really help you if you take a try.

How Much Do You Make From These Ads?

Not much, to be frankly. Google Adsense's Terms of Service strictly disallow me to discuss earnings so I cannot share the specifics. Let me put this way: if I divide my earnings by number of hours I put to PFBlog, my hourly rate is a couple of bucks before tax.

I Love PFBlog. Can I Advertise?

Sure, and you are more than welcome to advertise at PFBlog. Please send mail to for details. I reserve my right to reject certain ads that may be deemed inapproriate at PFBlog.

More Questions?

If you have more questions specific to ads at PFBlog, please feel free to add a comment to this post and I will answer them on a timely fashion.

This Post Has Received 25 Comments. Share Your Opinions Too.

Darren Commented on January 7, 2005

Keep up the good work! I don't mind a few ads if it means your content keeps the same high standard! Blog on!

Sumeera Commented on May 2, 2005


Can you please send me the url (I've lost it) on how to contribute to this site? I'm looking at starting my own fianancial blog and would like to submit my articles to yours as well.


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