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The Sale of a Personal Finance Blog

Contributed by mm | August 19, 2005 5:38 AM PST

PFBlog is mostly about personal finance, not blogs, but let's discuss an interesting happening in the personal finance blogging circle in the last 24 hours: a personal finance blog was auctioned, and sold within a few hours at $2,000. Not a bad deal for a six-month blog with 120 posts.

Maybe more revealing is the stats:

- Average monthly pageview of 75,000
- Visitors mostly coming from
- Average monthly income: $50 - $250, mainly through Google Adsense
- Other revenue channels: Amazon, private sponsor links

Wealthy Blogger is the blog that just changed hands but apparently, most readers of that blog didn't know the transaction, at least for now. Wealthy Blogger has an aggregator of about 20 other personal finance blogs, among which is PFBlog Network, so I have a bit of vested interest to find out who bought out the site. Some of the bidders at the auction own sites like "Specializing in Bad Credit Mortgages" and "Your Lender for Life" so there is a possibility that the blog will be totally commercialized.

Back to PFBlog, I was offered once for selling PFBlog for $4,000 about six months ago; it was rejected outright. I will be more eager to finish my million-dollar journey than to sell it at a nice price -- after all, after two years, I do have some emotional attachment to this blog. Instead, I'll be happy on the buyer's side if the right opportunity (like this one) presents itself, and potential sellers will get my promise that any purchased personal finance blog will continue to exist as a personal finance blog, with fresh content and value to readers.

This Post Has Received 70 Comments. Share Your Opinions Too.

Jeremy Wright Commented on August 19, 2005

We'll be announcing the sale as soon as all details are finalized :)

Tim Commented on August 19, 2005

Most of the traffic seems to be coming from only one site, anyway.

john Commented on August 26, 2005

Dam good posting.I read some of you're articles and they are really nice.
I enjoyed reading them.

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