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Mesothelioma Is The Souce of Big Money Making

Contributed by mm | August 22, 2004 8:59 PM PST

What is mesothelioma? According to MesotheliomaNet, "[m]esothelioma is a rare disease caused as a result of malignant cancerous cells lining the patient's body cavities such as chest, abdominal region or the area surrounding the heart. It is typically associated with exposure to asbestos which has been documented in as many as 70-80% of all mesothelioma cases."

But why does a personal finance site like become interested in a medical term like mesothelioma?

This is a byproduct from my recent research on how to boost my ad income. You all know that I introduced Google Adsense service several months ago to get some revenue to support the site itself (and hopefully to lead you, my readers, to more related products and services.) Because of Google Adsense's Terms of Service, I cannot disclose my earnings. I can only say the earning stream is close to a free dinner every several weeks -- not very much profitable indeed, which leads me to the research.

Adsense is a pay-for-click service, and therefore it is useful to learn how much each click is worth. While Google does not publish the price, a competing ad service, Overture does via its View Bids Tool.

Believe me, I searched more than 200 key words, exhausting all of my imagination to find out the highest-paying keyword. "Mesothelioma" is the one -- paying as much as $100 per click. What's more, not one, but four advertisers are competing for the same spot with this price tag (which should be the maximum price per click Overture allows). You can imagine behind each site, a group of lawyers are smiling at each incoming visitors. :-)

Not any other keyword comes even close. And here is MM's list of top paying keywords:

Keyword  Price/Click 
mesothelioma  $     100.00
home equity line of credit  $       13.91
hosting  $       12.02
cash advance  $       10.99
payday loan  $       10.25
debt help  $         9.80
refinancing  $         9.36
refinance  $         8.71
auto insurance  $         8.56
debt consolidation  $         8.08
disability insurance  $         8.03
credit problem  $         8.01
whole life insurance  $         7.99
bad debt  $         7.93
life insurance  $         7.76
debt  $         6.85
MBA  $         6.49
quick cash  $         6.31
web hosting  $         6.04
HELOC  $         5.72
dialup  $         5.29
bankruptcy  $         5.22
stock trading  $         5.18
foreign exchange  $         5.17
LLC  $         5.13

See, this is an interesting (and unthinkable) window of what's making money and what's not. At least, these keywords represent the industries that can effectively leverage web to attract potential customers (and make good profits). For the same reason, they are also the areas you'd better do throughout comparison shopping (like HELOC, refinancing and insurance) or simply avoid at all expenses (like payday loan or bankruptcy).

(P.S. If you have time to try out the View Bids Tools and dig out other keywords that pay more than $10, please share them by posting in comments. Should be very interesting for everyone.)

This Post Has Received 60 Comments. Share Your Opinions Too.

Harry Commented on August 23, 2004

Nice post!

The first thought come into my mind when I saw your site (a good one, I have thought about build one like this before, but I am too lazy) is:
this site should bring in revenue for the site owner, it deserves and has the capability.

Keep going.

(keep my email address private, please)

Rob Commented on August 23, 2004

I guess you don't want a lot of banner ads on your site. I do have 1 idea.
I remember that you said your host was has a affiliate program that pays a commission from $10 to $140. I'm sure a lot of people like your original blog and want to do a similar one. So let everyone know who your host is by placing a text link at the left bottom of your site.

mm Commented on August 24, 2004

Please do not click the mesothelioma ad links if you are not seriously looking for mesothelioma information. That does not help -- people at Google are smart enough to tell suspicious clicks.


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btqiir Commented on January 30, 2017

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lzqwod Commented on February 5, 2017

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daa86j Commented on February 11, 2017

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Sfrgl79 Commented on February 24, 2017

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gcbvdjh Commented on March 10, 2017

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United of the biggest changes that the ACA made to the non-group warranty peddle was to omit recompense alongside insurers of a being’s fettle or health record in enrollment and rating decisions. This assured that people who had or who developed condition no prescription viagra problems would should prefer to the uniform plan choices and recompense the despite the fact premiums as others, essentially pooling their expected costs together to determine the premiums that all would pay.

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