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All These Many Ways To Manage Personal Finance

Contributed by mm | December 3, 2004 9:51 PM PST

When it comes to personal finance, there are always more than one ways to achieve a certain goal, no matter it is to retire early or to save a few bucks. On the other hand, personal finance columnists are also making their livings by overwhelming you with more personal finance tips than you can absorb. I am now convinced that these people can always spin as many ways as they want on even the simplest topic.

Don't believe it? Take a look at how many tips can be put into one personal finance article:

Two ways that students can reconsolidate their loans - The Christian Science Monitor
Three Ways to Beat a Flat Market - Forbes
Four Ways Investors Are Tricked - The Motley Fool
Five ways to find fabulous getaways - MSN Money
Six Ways to Save on Auto Insurance - SmartMoney
Seven Ways To Foil ID Thieves - Forbes
Eight Ways to Protect Your Nest Egg- Kiplinger
Nine Ways To Cut Your Gas Bill - Forbes
Ten ways to stretch a dollar - Online Learning Magazine
11 ways to make the most of a year-end bonus - MSN Money
12 Ways to Get out of Credit Card Debt -
13 ways to get more dollars for your scholar - MSN Money
14 ways to slice the price of golf - MSN Money
15 Ways to Teach Kids About Money -
16 ways to slash your insurance rates - MSN Money
17 ways to pay less for your car - Bankrate
18 ways to save money during the holidays - Bankrate
19 ways to cut credit card costs - Bankrate
20 ways you waste money on your car - MSN Money
21 ways to vacation like a millionaire - MSN Money
22 ways to build an emergency fund - Bankrate

Is 22 ways the record? Not even close. The record I know so far is 66 Ways to Save Money. It is actually not put together by columnists; it is coming from Federal Trade Commission, a government entity.


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