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$14.59 from PayPal Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Contributed by mm | August 21, 2005 9:16 AM PST

For the first time, I am involved in a class action lawsuit. A year back, I read of PayPal's litigation settlement on its alleged violation of Electronic Fund Transfer Act ("EFTA") (to be fair, PayPal never admitted to the claim) from a notice sent by PayPal. I sent out a stamped mail to claim I'm a member of the class, and one year later, PayPal wired me $14.59.

I have no particular good or bad feeling of PayPal. It is convenient and really delivers some value, but I'm also mindful of the dark side of PayPal if something goes wrong. (To this end, PayPaySucks is arguably the most informative site about risks of using PayPal.)

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Cap Commented on August 21, 2005

oh boy. same here.. $14.95 to us, $35.05 to the lawyers.

I wonder how much others got, those that fill out the longer forms.


gummy Commented on August 21, 2005

since were on the topic of class actions

is there any helpful site in which i'll be able to find where i can join a class action case against public traded companies in the u.s.?

ex. aol time warner?

Jose Commented on August 22, 2005

That is about the same ammount I got from paypal.
Unfortunately I had to spent it on a video card for my personal webserver. Of course, we have to note that it is used, from and not top of the line (as I do not play too many games anyway). Just enough for my needs, and without importing yet another trinket from overseas.

Paypal is great.

Josh Commented on August 29, 2005

That's funny, I only received $8.00, I filed the short claim form. Did you use the short or long claim form?

MM Commented on August 29, 2005

Short. Of course.

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